Monday, December 16, 2019

Grey Partridges Invade Garden

Well I woke up this morning...da,da,de,dah. Well I woke up this morning...and there were eighteen Grey Partridges walking along the lane towards the garden. All eighteen then came into the garden, took a look around and then set back off walking along the lane before they were spooked off by horse-riders. Greys are becoming scarcer each year so this group was not only unexpected but also, perhaps, a positive sign. Pheasants are regular in the garden feeding on fallen seed from the feeders and Red-legged Partridge is common in the surrounding fields but this was by far the biggest covey I have seen in East Yorkshire.

Grey Partridges Perdix perdix. Shots taken through the kitchen window of some of the 18 birds that visited the garden this morning.

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