Monday, April 27, 2015

Barn Owl Photos

I spent nearly three hours driving around the back roads of south-east Notts. and the Vale-of-Belvoir looking for Kestrels so that I could work on a few photographs which I hoped to take. Not a sign of any!! Plenty of Common Buzzards, a couple of Sparrowhawks and a single Red Kite, but what I used to feel was our most common diurnal raptor was completely absent.
However, a Barn Owl provided some compensation as it flew along a minor road near Aslockton before disappearing over a nearby farm.
So, out again tomorrow to look for the Kestrels.

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  1. There's a kestrel that hunts over Sconce Park in the middle of Newark. Strange, because I'm seeing plenty out on my runs in the sticks around here.