Monday, November 24, 2014

Starlings and Sunsets

I'd almost forgotten I had this's been so long since I added a new post. This afternoon/early evening we visited Netherfield Lagoons in Notts, on the advice of some friends, to witness a small but nonetheless impressive Starling roost. There is always a chance of a 'murmuration' so I took along my camera. The light was tremendous and although there were only about 4 000 Starlings they performed well. Canada Geese flying in to roost added to the atmosphere as well as the general noise level. A single Barnacle Goose was noted flying with some of the Canada Geese. A Water Rail put in a brief appearance and a Bittern flew over the lagoon in the twilight. Magical!

Canada Geese and a Crescent Moon.

Starlings diving into the reeds behind this tree.

Yer murmuration!

More murmurings.

Tight flock

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  1. It's a beautiful blog, and so much better shots than mine on creamcrackerednature - probably the benefit of using a proper camera rather than a Moto G phone, a mobile renowned for the poor camera lol.