Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Pair of Redheads

Yesterday we met a couple of friends and spent three hours walking from Baslow, round the Chatsworth estate and back to Baslow. Another three hours in the field and STILL no Fieldfare or Redwing. We heard two Mistle Thrushes in song and caught sight of one at the top of a Sycamore, but no Song Thrush and only half a dozen Blackbirds.
Today I had a couple of hours around Colwick Park just west of Nottingham City centre and north of the River Trent. I went along to have a look at the Smew which had been reported but at the back of my mind I was thinking thrushes. I shouldn't have bothered!
Good views of Red-crested Pochard - but not close enough to get a good photograph as it was a dingy, overcast day so high ISO and hence this grainy shot:
Red-crested Pochard
Even more of a grainy shot of this Redhead Smew as it sped away over the lake. There have been reports of three birds but I could only find one. Still, that's one more Smew than Song Thrush, or Mistle Thrush or Redwing or Fieldfare!! It's got to the stage where I don't want to see any thrushes now. Perhaps I can go an entire year without.
 Fairly decent views of this Kingfisher on the beck just next to Colwick Hall. It's always nice to bump into one of these especially during the winter months.
 If anyone knows the location of big winter flocks of thrushes...!

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