Friday, October 19, 2012

Snettisham Stroll

Meeting friends in Norfolk for a couple of day's birding over the weekend and as we arrived in good time we decided on a stroll around the RSPB reserve at Snettisham. It was miserably damp and grey and the tide was way out and consequently so were the flocks of waders. The biggest flock was of Grey Lag Geese as over 600 restless, noisy birds were trying to settle on the lakes and then flying out over the expanse of mud before flying back to the lakes.

Grey-lag Goose

I spent time trying to take some shots of the waders that were visible on the mud but the light was poor, they were all some distance away and I was hand-holding a 400mm lens - not a good combination for decent photographs. Eleven species of wader were visible but without a scope we couldn't get to grips with anything too far away.

Bar-tailed Godwit

   In a couple of hours we managed 56 species but this place is memorable for its atmosphere and mud...loads of mud  and flocks flying over the mud.

Distant flock of Grey Lag Geese - over the mud!

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